long time no write…

It's 9:00 p.m. A little over a year and a half later into the life of a middle school teacher, and I've finally made my way back to the blog. I have seen, heard, and said things that affirm my need for grace and a higher power. But, I have been writing, friends. Writing IEPs.… Continue reading long time no write…

on being sick

I've emptied my third cup of tea and it's not even noon. The house pets are taking shifts sitting on my lap. A box of tissue stands ready to trap the contents of my lungs. I see a vision of chicken soup in my immediate future (it's canned, not homemade - don't judge me). Being… Continue reading on being sick

two ways to make the time

Recently, I enlisted the help of a friend in getting a new writing project underway. Her task? To poke me with a proverbial stick at the end of the week to see what I've accomplished. And, I'm happy to report, I had completed an outline of what I was going to write about. Now, you… Continue reading two ways to make the time

waiting, and writing, for my perfect reader

  My Jack Russell Terrier, Dixie, stares at a block of sunlight in the tile entryway. Her stubby, little tail moves in anticipation, waiting for the moment when a small, dark shadow will zip across the floor. Every time it happens, she pounces with her front paws and investigates with her nose. She never tires… Continue reading waiting, and writing, for my perfect reader

room at the table

I like to think of esin's desk as another place for my writing to take up residence. My previous blog, while functional, just didn't reach beyond its creator. It lacked an essential element in the writing process: community. So, I asked my friends on social media, "Hey, know a good place to set up a… Continue reading room at the table

what’s in my bag?

In my red plaid bag, there is a half-finished bottle of orange juice that I had with lunch. It's buried under a pair of sunglasses and a couple of receipts. My wallet hides beneath a pencil pouch full of colored pens and sticky tabs. A gray project planner stands stiffly off to the side as… Continue reading what’s in my bag?

some problems

New Year's Eve. A Shih Tzu, wrapped in a blanket, shivers on my lap in response to the neighbor’s fireworks. It's still too early to finish my Stranger Things binge session – but what a fitting way to close out the year. I will remember 2017 as the year I began transcribing my handwritten journals… Continue reading some problems